The first private hospital is being built in Sarajevo, we checked how the works are progressing

U Sarajevu se gradi prva privatna bolnica-

There are constant unpleasant experiences with the health care system. Positive stories and announcements are rare. This is exactly the project of the first private hospital in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will rival the world’s major health care institutions in terms of the quality of its work. It is about the ASA hospital in the Otoka neighborhood in Sarajevo. Top foreign and domestic experts are already taking their place in this health institution. We checked how the works are progressing and what is planned.

With top experts, cooperating with the Medical University of Vienna and the Vienna General Hospital, using the most modern equipment in the seven-story facility, ASA Hospital will be a novelty in healthcare – it is the first private hospital of its kind. When it is opened, it will have numerous departments: from the center for surgery, for internal medicine, the center for anesthesia, resuscitation, and there is also an emergency center, as well as a center for diagnostic intervention.

“The clinical management of our health facility will be led by experts from the General and University Hospitals of Vienna who will be permanently employed at the ASA Hospital. The development of the quality and safety management system according to the highest international standards is part of the work that will be performed by the Medical University of Vienna. One of the most important things is the continuous education of our staff at the ASA hospital” , said Rasim Jusufović, project director of the first private General Hospital in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Also, there will be a mother and child center here. 60,000 patients will pass through the corridors of this hospital annually. They will be provided with sophisticated specialist and diagnostic services.

“The three centers of excellence that we plan to have in the hospital are, first of all, high-quality care for mother and child, then minimally invasive treatments for all disciplines, and what I am very proud of is the quality and safety system. We want to reduce the danger for each patient and the discomfort that we have probably all experienced when in contact with the healthcare system ,” said Adnan Bilić, Quality Manager of ASA Hospital.

With digitization and artificial intelligence, that will not be possible here, they say. Work is underway on all floors. The hospital is getting closer to its imagined appearance every day.

“At the moment, works on installations, mechanical, electrical installations, water supply and sewage installations are being carried out at a hectic pace on the building. It is a demanding infrastructure because the microclimate is controlled in all areas. The distribution of medical gases and all the necessary connections for the functioning of medical equipment is being done,” said Selma Mašnić, director of ASA Gradnje.

Installation of the facade is underway, so we can already see what the hospital will look like when it is in full glory. The hospital will have 170 beds, and more than 400 employees will work there. And then many patients will look for healthcare services – the management’s goal is to make them extremely affordable.

“The services we will offer will be affordable in a way that through synergy with all insurances and of course ASA insurance as a member of the group through cooperation with public funds, we will offer a service that will be affordable in a way that will be financed through several sources of financing: public health funds, private funds health insurance and private patient payments” , explained Rasim Jusufović, project director of the first private General Hospital in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

ASA Hospital will be the first private hospital to provide high-quality medical service according to Western standards. Intensive works are currently being carried out, and their completion is expected at the end of next year. Then this hospital will open its doors to all patients.