The first private hospital in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Recruitment in progress, capacity of 180 hospital beds, 10 operating rooms…

Prva privatna bolnica u BiH

The head of the Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo, Semir Efendić, and the project director of the ASA hospital, Rasim Jusufović, with their colleagues, visited the construction site of the first private hospital in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is being built in the municipality of Novi Grad, in Džemala Bijedića Street, in the neighborhood of Otoka.

The ASA hospital will have seven floors, with a capacity of 180 hospital beds, 10 operating rooms, and will provide jobs for around 350 employees.

Semir Efendić said that the construction of a new hospital is not an everyday thing in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that it is a very significant step forward for our health system.

“As the head of the municipality, I am visiting the construction site and the largest investment in the field of health in the municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo for the first time, but also in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am happy as the mayor that this is happening in our municipality. This investment is also important for our construction sector, because works have been going on here for a long time, where hundreds of construction workers are employed every day, and they earn their wages. The facility itself is fully equipped with modern technologies, and we are a country that in the 21st century is in need of development in all areas. As a society, we allocate a lot of money for health services through our funds, but unfortunately these services are not that good. I believe that a hospital like this will serve as an example of how to fight for every patient. When I spoke with the management of this hospital, what I understood is that they will fight to the end for every patient, which is what all institutions should do, and unfortunately we do not have that in the health system”, said Chief Efendić.

He pointed out that it is important that our country has a large number of experts all over the world, who work in the field of health, and that many institutions around the world in the field of health act in a managerial manner where better conditions are offered to doctors, and that the existence of such an institution gives the possibility to discuss with our experts around the world that they still work in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The project director of the ASA hospital, Rasim Jusufović, said that the construction works are proceeding as planned, and that the favorable weather conditions were favorable for carrying out construction works that are sensitive to temperature. On this occasion, he highlighted the novelty in Bosnia and Herzegovina. healthcare, which is a system of communication between the patient and the family, with the help of which the family will be aware of the patient’s condition at all times.

He also added that they are currently working on processing all applications received during the announced public employment announcement.

The hospital will provide high-quality medical service according to Western standards

“We are very positively surprised by the reaction of the professional public, as well as the number of registered associates of ASA Hospital. We are proud that family members will have accurate information at any moment in which stage of treatment the patient is in, i.e. whether he is being prepared for surgery, whether the surgery is in progress, and whether he is in the intensive care unit or has finally gone down to the recovery room. We are also proud that the hospital will have a maternity ward, which will be located on the third floor of our building. “Soon, future mothers will be able to see how it will all look and what services will be provided,” said director Jusufović.

ASA Hospital will provide high-quality medical service according to Western standards and will represent a place of excellence in all its segments of activity. Intensive work is currently being carried out on the building itself, and its completion is expected at the end of this year, when this hospital will open its doors to all patients.