The decorative facade of the ASA Hospital inspired by DNA geometry

Positive stories are rare when it comes to the healthcare system in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but the project of the first private ASA Hospital will certainly rival the world’s major healthcare institutions in terms of the quality of its work.

In addition to gathering top experts in one place, using state-of-the-art equipment, what makes this hospital stand out from all the others is its exterior appearance.

Special attention is drawn to its decorative facade, which, as we were told, was inspired by the geometry of DNA.

“The basic facade consists of a continuous glass facade from the domestic manufacturer of aluminum profiles FEAL and glass from the renowned manufacturer Guardian Glass, with parts of the facade executed in the system of an integrated facade suspended ventilated system with compact facade cladding from the Austrian manufacturer FUNDERMAX. A decorative facade whose geometry is inspired by the geometry of DNA, which is separated from the main structure of the glass facade as an independent facade curtain system, it is made of high-quality aluminum composite panels,” explained Selma Mašnić, director of the ASA Gradnje company, to the portal.

When it comes to energy efficiency, the facility uses solar energy through solar collectors and solar panels that will be mounted on the roof of the hospital to heat sanitary water and supply part of the facility’s electricity needs.

The company Bosna-S Enerdyne is responsible for designing, purchasing and installing solar panels on a turnkey basis.

It is about Bosnia and Herzegovina. to a company with an international presence, and a multidisciplinary approach to engineering and execution of work in very complex industries.

In addition to the above elements, the ASA Hospital facility achieves additional energy savings through an energy recuperator in the hospital kitchen, which enables the recovery of waste heat energy and its reuse.

ASA Bolnica - Solarni paneli 1

ASA Bolnica - Solarni paneli 2


It is important to note that the hospital facility has systems such as hospital SOS signaling and a central clock system. Calling the patient from the room via the button and calling from the bathroom by pulling the cord in an emergency enable efficient communication between the nurse and the patient in an emergency.

The SOS signaling and the central clock system are procured and installed by the company Electra doo Sarajevo, as an integral part of the consortium for the execution of electrical works “Valter Elektro” doo & “Electra” doo

“The SOS system, in addition to emergency calls, also enables direct voice communication with the nurse on duty in emergencies via the call unit located next to each patient’s bed. The SOS system is supplied by the Turkish company ZKR Nurse Call Systems,” Mašnić said .

ASA Bolnica - SOS Sistem

The central clock system enables efficient management of working hours in order to cover the needs of the patient in the healthcare environment.

“An integral part of this system are the so-called “stopwatches” in the operating rooms. Namely, during operations, the surgeon has the possibility to use the “touch panel” to start the time of the start of the operation and monitor its duration until the very end,” she explained .

The manufacturer of the master clock system or central clock system is the French company BODET.


What makes the ASA Hospital complex unique are the presence of two facilities; the main object which is a vision of the future and the so-called “ASTRO” which is part of the architectural heritage and the future seat of the ASA Institute.

Since communication is very important in these buildings, there are 10 elevators in the main building, and 2 elevators in the ASTRO building. The facilities are connected by a warm underground connection, and enable fast and simple communication.

ASA Bolnica - Energetska efikasnost

The Swiss company Schindler is responsible for the production and installation of elevators.

Schindler has a tradition in Bosnia and Herzegovina for more than 10 years. Schindler BH doo is part of the Schindler Group, which is known for reliable, durable and high-quality urban mobility solutions.