The construction of the impressive ASA Hospital building is nearly over. Here are the details of construction, architecture, and design

Selma Mašnić, direktorica društva ASA Gradnje


Works on the ASA Hospital building in Sarajevo, which will also be the first private hospital of general type in BiH, are coming to an end.

The façade of the impressive building with seven stories and more than 400 employees has been completed and Selma Mašnić, director of ASA Gradnja spoke about its construction, architecture, and design for the portal.

“The conceptual and main design is the work of the architectural studio Patria, from Pristina which has many years of experience in the design of health facilities throughout Southeast Europe. One of the most prominent references of this studio is its knowledge of international JCI (Joint Commission International – accreditation represents the highest accreditation standard in healthcare) guidelines for healthcare facilities,” explained Mašnić.

The creator of the execution project interior design is the company IDEA doo Sarajevo, which also performs expert technical supervision of the construction.

“Their experience in the field of construction and supervision in the area of healthcare facilities was crucial during the selection, and turned out to be very useful,” says Mašnić.

ASA Bolnica 0709

ASA Bolnica 07092

Next to this hospital is a building which used to be the first chemical factory in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

This building has now been completely reconstructed and restored to its original glory.

“When we talk about the second building, the ASA Institute, we had a very challenging task of reconstructing a building of historical importance where we preserved the original form and adapted it to modern elements. Our partner in this project is the architectural studio URBING, specialized in reconstruction and rehabilitation of buildings that are on the national architectural heritage list. As I have already emphasized, the execution of the works itself was divided into several phases. During the construction we cooperated with companies such as STRABAG AG, UNIGRADNJA, and NEIMARI as the main contractors and carriers of the final phase of the construction of the main building ASA Hospitals and the ASTRO building, as well as exterior decoration,” she stated.

ASA Bolnica 07093

ASA Bolnica 07094

The complexity of the building, as well as the requirements of medical technology and future users of the hospital result in numerous changes and changes to the project, which was an additional challenge for the investor, supervisors and all contractors.

What makes ASA Hospital complex unique is the existence of two facilities.

“The main building, which represents the vision of the future, and the existing building, the so-called “ASTRO”, which is part of our architectural heritage and the future headquarters of ASA Institute. The design and implementation of ASTRO building was done in coordination and cooperation with the Cantonal Institution for the protection of cultural, historical and nature heritage Sarajevo” said Mašnić.

ASA Institut

Since transport is very important in these buildings, there are 10 elevators in the main building, and 2 elevators in the ASTRO building. The facilities are connected by a warm underground connection which enables fast and simple connections.

It is important to note that the investor himself leads the project management, defines the selection of materials and manages the procurement of equipment directly, and selects the contractors of certain construction segments.

“The specific purpose and requirements of these buildings, as well as significant square meters that they cover, involve numerous contractors with whom we have cooperated and are still cooperating until the very opening of the hospital and the completion of the works on the ASA Institute. As our motto says, “The Future is here”, with the concept of this project we have tried to bring together something new and something from our history, i.e. architectural heritage,” she explained.

ASA Bolnica - Energetska efikasnost

Energy efficiency

Technical aspects or systems in the ASA Hospital are carefully planned in order to ensure safe, efficient and environmentally rational functioning of the building.

The facility uses solar energy through solar collectors and solar panels that will be installed on the roof of the hospital to heat sanitary water and supply part of the facility’s electricity needs.

In addition to the above-mentioned elements, the building achieves additional energy savings through an energy recuperator in the hospital kitchen, which enables the recovery of waste heat energy and its reuse.

“This type of building also has systems such as hospital SOS signaling and a central clock system. The patient’s call from the room via the button and the call from the bathroom by pulling the cord in an emergency enables effective communication between the nurse and the patient in an emergency. Effective time management is a crucial attribute of the hospital staff to satisfy patient’s needs in the healthcare environment.  Ultimately, ASA Hospital as a Center of Excellence in all its segments of services and patient care will be an example of smart construction that guarantees both environmental sustainability and modern standards in that area,” Mašnić concluded at the end of the conversation for

Interviewed by: Erna Salkić