Eurofarm Centar - Privatna zdravstvena ustanova

Eurofarm Centar Sarajevo – the largest private health facility in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a member of ASA Group

The Eurofarm Centar Sarajevo is a private medical facility in Bosnia and Herzegovina with over 20 years of experience in providing outpatient services. Eurofarm Centar is synonymous with high-quality healthcare, safety and efficiency and employs over 200 healthcare workers at 15 locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina (clinics and laboratories). Eurofarm provides an extensive portfolio of outpatient healthcare services through a wide range of medical specialties and a wide range of occupational medicine services.

Our joint action will be reflected in the complementarity of our services, and we will support each other so that our patients, regardless of the type of treatment they need, enjoy top-quality medical care, in the friendly environment they are already used to in Eurofarm.

ASA Osiguranje - Sarajevo

ASA Osiguranje – the largest insurance company in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a member of ASA Group

ASA Osiguranje is a local private insurance company, which started operating in October 2007. Over a short period of operation, the company has developed a wide network of branches to serve all interested citizens. ASA Osiguranje now operates in Sarajevo, Zenica, Tuzla, Mostar, Travnik, Bihać, Gorazde, Banja Luka, Prijedor, Bijeljina, Doboj and Eastern Sarajevo. With the acquisition of the company Central Osiguranje in 2020, ASA Osiguranje became the largest insurance company in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

By creating synergies between ASA companies, we are committed to meeting the needs of users of our services by offering them efficient and complete solutions. Through the partnership between ASA Osiguranje, ASA Hospital and Eurofarm, we will provide citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina with an integrated and quality service.

Fondacija Hastor

Fondacija Hastor – a non-profit foundation, a member of ASA Group

Fondacija Hastor is a charitable, non-profit organisation founded in 2006 to support education as one of the main pillars of youth development, and therefore of the country. The basic goal of Fondacija Hastor is to support younger generations through scholarships, educational and volunteering programmes. Fondacija Hastor is dedicated to gifted children and young people, and provides primary support to pupils and students who are marginalized due to their difficult socio-economic status.

Since its foundation, it has encouraged and supported primary and secondary school pupils and students from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina who are working hard, show a strong will to succeed, have a need for financial support and are ready for training. Fondacija Hastor works successfully with many schools, governmental and non-governmental organisations, as well as private companies. It counts 2,250 scholarship holders, 934 honorary students, 350,000 volunteer hours and cooperates with 135 municipalities. Scholarship holders of the foundation live in all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The partnership between ASA Hospital and Fondacija Hastor, an inexhaustible source of young, talented students and pupils, will provide new generations with professional training, scientific research and education in the medical field.