Students of the Faculty of Medicine Sarajevo School of Science and Technology visit ASA Hospital

Second-year students of the Sarajevo School of Medicine (SSST) recently visited the construction site of the new ASA Hospital, which provided a valuable opportunity to gain practical knowledge and experience in the field of health infrastructure and the opportunity to get acquainted with the planned concept and future work of the ASA Hospital.

Through interaction with engineers and other experts in the field of asa hospital construction project, students were given an insight into the complexity of the project and in solving technical and organizational challenges in the field of medical devices, IT, human resources and quality.

Students had the opportunity to see in practice some of the theoretical aspects they had previously learned, which is crucial for understanding the processes and challenges they encounter when building large medical facilities. We want to emphasize that supporting young people is crucial for building a quality health system, but also for the progress of our society and community.

Through innovation, education and practice, we build a better future together. Participating in such visits allows students to get acquainted with the latest technological innovations and trends in the health sector. ASA Hospital is recognized at this early stage for its advanced design, application of digital technologies and implementation of sustainable solutions.

This experience encourages students to be informed about the latest trends and adapt their skills according to the future demands of the labor and labor market in the health systems of the next generation and the ASA Hospital itself.

ASA Hospital will be a place where everyone will have the opportunity to develop, to make the environment a better place with their work. Such meetings further encourage us all to search and find a way to contribute to society and bring about positive change.