Roland Fasol MD, medical director with rich international experience in the field of clinical management of healthcare systems, joins the project team of the future ASA Hospital

A respected international manager in the field of clinical management of healthcare institutions with extensive experience, cardiovascular surgeon Roland Fasol MD joined the team consisting of renowned medical experts of the future ASA Hospital.

“I come from the Medical University of Vienna. This is my first day in Bosnia and Herzegovina and I am very excited to join this team. I am impressed,” said Doctor Fasol for FENA.

Doctor Fasol is a specialized academic general and cardiovascular surgeon with extensive experience in the organization, development and management of specialized high-tech hospitals, focusing on creating medical teams, establishing functional clinical services, digitalization, quality assurance and implementation of clinical management standards according to the highest standards. His previous project was in China where he started a large hospital with a capacity of more than a thousand beds in cooperation with the University of Los Angeles, but, as he says, ASA hospital project in Sarajevo is something different.

“What I have seen so far is exciting in many ways. I came here to give my contribution to the efforts in starting a new chapter in the healthcare system of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and our task will be to combine quality and experience in order to provide a completely new experience for patients in Sarajevo and to make it available to all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” pointed out doctor Fasol. He expressed his deep satisfaction with the quality of the construction and the overall concept of the hospital after his visit and emphasized that he hopes that his international experience will contribute to ASA Hospital and ensure maximum quality, safety, and positive patient experience.

Prof. Dr. Rasim Jusufović, project manager of ASA Hospital project believes that international medical director Doctor Fasol will bring broad knowledge and experience to this future healthcare institution.

“Dr. Fasol has joined our team full-time and is fully committed to ASA Hospital, and with that, we are starting the phase of implementing the world’s best practices when it comes to establishing a general hospital. His strategic vision and innovative approach will shape the future of the hospital, which is driven by the goal of providing and improving medical services, as well as developing a culture of excellence. The arrival of Dr. Fasol and other members of his team in the following months gives us the assurance that together we will achieve and establish Western standards and treatments for patient care,” Jusufović pointed out.

Previous experience of Dr. Fasol, as he added, shows that care and treatment of patients is one of the most important elements for outstanding treatment results, and patient recovery and leads to best outcomes.

“We at ASA Hospital and ASA Institute for Research, Development and Innovation are looking forward to the development of a team environment of interdisciplinary cooperation, a motivating atmosphere, and we are especially looking forward to the development of joint scientific research projects that will encourage continuous and professional development and exchange of ideas among our healthcare and other experts,” added Jusufović.

Their aspiration, as he added, is deeply intertwined with the mission, vision and ‘genetic code’ of the Hastor Foundation, which is an inexhaustible source of young and talented people to whom they want to provide the best conditions for professional development and specialization. One of their next imperatives is for ASA Hospital to fulfill conditions and get accreditation as a teaching and university hospital as soon as possible.

The CEO of the International Medical University in Vienna, M.Sc. Elisabeth Chalupa-Gartner, who monthly visits the construction site of ASA hospital, stated that the joint cooperation is being realized according to the planned dynamics.

“The reason for today’s visit to Sarajevo is that we are approaching the next milestone in our partnership. We introduced the medical director. He is a very experienced international manager and cardiovascular surgeon who graduated from the Medical University of Vienna and he will lead the team through the next phase when the building will be completed and when the hospital will be brought into operation,” stated Chalupa-Gartner.

She expressed her full satisfaction that, as she said, they see progress in the construction week by week.

“I was here two weeks ago and again now I can see that the works are moving quickly and we look forward to seeing the next steps,” added Chalupa-Gartner.