Providing the best medical service with the best staff, and developing a quality and safety management system according to the highest international standards!

Na zgradi buduce ASA bolnice u Sarajevu postavlja se fasada

ASA Hospital opens a competition for 350 places: Providing the best medical service with the best staff

The director of the ASA hospital project, Professor Rasim Jusufović, says that a group of doctors with careers built from Zagreb to the USA will be hired on the island.

The ASA hospital, part of the ASA group in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is being built in the Sarajevo neighborhood of Otoka, is one of the largest private general hospital construction projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. This new BH. the health institution, in cooperation with renowned international institutions, will provide a health service based on EU standards.


The director of the ASA hospital project, professor Rasim Jusufović, emphasized to Oslobođenje that the plan for the construction and equipping of the future ASA hospital is being carried out according to the previously determined dynamics, so that the completion of the works and the opening of the hospital is expected in the last quarter of 2023.

– In the middle of November, a public advertisement will be published through which 350 jobs will be opened. The details of the public announcement will be available on a special website for employment at the ASA hospital, says director Jusufović, and he lists a number of preparatory activities for hiring quality medical staff.

Dr Rasim Jusufovic

Rasim Jusufović: We are negotiating with numerous experts

– With the leaders of the Medical University of Vienna and the Vienna General Hospital (AKH), we are working on an activity plan for the education and preparation of future personnel and the development of a quality and safety management system according to the highest international standards, emphasizes Jusufović.

Hiring the best staff, adds our interlocutor, is one of the most important issues they deal with in this period.

– We are currently negotiating with numerous medical experts from BiH, but also with a large number of BiH. experts who are very successful all over the world, and want to continue their career in their homeland, says Jusufović.

In addition to domestic and foreign experts who will be employed at ASA Hospital, another group of doctors, top experts who will provide support and mentorship to the development of ASA Hospital’s services from their current positions, will be hired. It is about prof. Ph.D. Kenan Arnautović, who is a world-renowned expert and is currently employed in the USA, as well as prof. Ph.D. Nadan Rustemović, a gastroenterologist who is employed at KBC Rebro. They, among others, offered knowledge and experience to ASA Hospital in order to develop specific departments of this institution through mentorship and support. Prof. Ph.D. Arnautović will support the development of spine surgery and, consequently, neurosurgery, while with Prof. Ph.D. Rustemović to work on the establishment of a department of gastroenterology.

– Providing the best medical service will only be possible with the best staff, to whom we will provide continuous education, an inspiring work environment and daily, professional development. However, apart from medical experts from various fields who are at the peak of their careers, the doors of our hospital will be open to all medical and other professionals who are at the very beginning of their professional development, and are willing to learn, progress and give their best in order to make a great a step forward and offered additional value to our healthcare, says Director Jusufović.

ASA-Bolnica u izgradnji

/Senad Gubelić

He adds that more will be said about everything in the coming period, when the competition is officially announced.


When it is opened, the hospital will have several departments, among which the center for surgery, which will consist of general surgery, urology and orthopedics, then the center for internal medicine (general internal medicine, cardiology and gastroenterology), and the center for mother and child (obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics and neonatology). An anesthesia, resuscitation and intensive therapy center will also be opened, followed by an emergency center, a center for diagnostic and interventional radiology, and finally a central laboratory.