The Medical University of Vienna International is a leading international consultative group for health services that provides solutions for efficient management of hospital systems, knowledge and technology transfer, as well as scientific and research cooperation.

100% shareholder of Medical University of Vienna International, is the Medical University of Vienna, one of the oldest and largest medical institutions and operator of the University Hospital Vienna (AKH), which is currently ranked 27th among the world’s leading hospitals (Annual Report – 2021), one of the most advanced European health systems in terms of personnel, organisation and innovation in the provision of health services, and with which we are establishing close cooperation in the field of prevention, diagnostics and medical treatments.

Along with the comprehensive clinical management of the ASA Hospital, the Medical University of Vienna International strives for cooperation with institutions and their respective ministries on the implementation of scientific research projects and development projects in the field of education and training. We believe that in this way, we will provide all employees of ASA Hospital with the opportunity for further training and professional progress.


We are proud that ASA Hospital has received the support of many institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the cooperation agreement with the University of Sarajevo, because our project has been assessed as a project of great importance for our community. Through the agreement with the University and joint action, we want to improve scientific research processes, contribute to the affirmation of university education and intensify cooperation between public and private sectors.

By building bridges of cooperation and education with our university partners, we want to develop and implement comprehensive education and academic development programmes of all current and future employees of ASA Hospital, but also of all those who can contribute with their engagement to our primary goal – improving the quality of life and healthcare in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


ASA Hospital, through its partnership with the company Dedalus, strives for digitalization and the provision of a more efficient health service supported by proven, established and comprehensive health software.

Dedalus is one of the largest global healthcare software companies in the world. It focuses on the growing demand for innovative and comprehensive solutions to support the digital transformation of the health ecosystem. Dedalus helps healthcare organisations deliver new models of care and better healthcare outcomes.

Dedalus’ health information system currently operates in over 6,000 hospitals around the world, in more than 5,000 laboratories, and maintains more than 300 million patient records. Dedalus software is used all over the world, managing more than 3 billion diagnostic results each year, supplying over 500 million residents, 28 million hospitals and 35 million emergency receptions. They serve more than 120 million citizens in primary healthcare services.