Partnership with the company Dedalus


There are many goals for ASA Hospital and although they seem very ambitious, they are not unachievable, with the dedicated team members and the right partners. One goal however, stands out and motivates us to try just a little harder every day. It is embedded in all our conversations, ideas and plans. That goal is very clear, and it refers to the desire to provide the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the citizens of the region, with the healthcare service of the highest quality. We want to respond to all of their health related needs and become a place where everyone feels safe. In order to achieve this, each member of the team, as well as all our partners, must do their best, that is, be the best they possibly can in their sphere of activity.

We strive for a long-term cooperation and partners that will help us achieve everything we have imagined, as well as provide us with a competitive advantage in the provision of medical services. We want to offer the methods of treatment which, in addition to top experts, are rely on the cutting edge technologies, which will result in top health services and, in the end, result in the most important thing – satisfied patients. And that is exactly why we are looking for partners who will help us with this.

One of the first partnerships that we have achieved was the partnership with the company Dedalus. We all expect a lot from this cooperation. And we know that we’re going to get a lot because it i’s one of the largest global healthcare software companies in the world. Dedalus is focused on the growing demand for innovative and end-to-end solutions to support the digital transformation of the healthcare ecosystem. This is, in the simplest terms, a company that helps healthcare organizations deliver new models of care and provide better healthcare outcomes.

Dedalus’ health information system currently operates in over 6,000 hospitals worldwide and, in more than 5,000 laboratories while managing more than 300 million patient records. Dedalus software is used worldwide, managing more than 3 billion diagnostic results each year, serving over 500 million residents, as well as 28 million hospital and 35 million emergency admissions. They serve more than 120 million citizens in primary health care. Impressive, isn’t it?

ASA Hospital, through its partnership with the company Dedalus, strives towards digitization and the provision of a, more efficient healthcare services supported by verified, established and comprehensive healthcare software. And, we have no doubts whatsoever about our joint success.