Optimizing hospital processes through simulation software

Software za simulaciju procesa

Simulation software is one of the most advanced tools for modeling, analysis and optimizing of any process that can take place in real time. This system, among others, is used by numerous healthcare organizations to evaluate various scenarios in the process of patient treatment and to validate scenarios before finally, performing a medical procedure. It is based on a 3D view and provides the possibility of the analysis of each and every aspect of the patient’s treatment as well as the all the conclusions that which the potential changes could bring to the healthcare system. All this happens in a virtual environment, which is focused on the patient in every moment.

The conclusions reached by the users of this system are very helpful because they help the healthcare organization to discover more effective solutions for treating patients.

On the basis of the performed simulation, comprehensive performance reports are obtained, through which the problems and weaknesses in the system can be identified in advance, after which they can simply be eliminated, through more detailed planning or the selection of the most optimal solution.

The 3D environment has been used in various endeavors to improve medical care for patients, including studies with a purpose of discovering different options for facilitating childbirth and as a training tool for healthcare workers and management, and we at ASA Hospital can’t wait to start discovering the benefits that the usage of this software will bring us.