Medical University of Vienna and ASA Hospital work on the employment of medical professionals

Prof dr Rasim Jusufović Sarajevo

Director of the ASA Hospital project in Sarajevo prof. dr. Rasim Jusufović said that the construction and equipping of the hospital are going according to plan and that the final works on the exterior of the building are underway.

Speaking about medical equipment, Jusufović underlined that they cooperate with established companies to fulfill the requirements for the procurement of the most modern equipment that brings an advanced work environment and that the hospital will be a place of excellence in the quality of medical service, employee education and clinical research.

“In cooperation with our partner, the Medical University of Vienna International (MUVI), we are working intensively on the selection process, where we have already processed more than 70 percent of the applications received,” he said.

He added that their current focus is the employment of doctors and medical workers. He is proud that they have already agreed on the engagement of experts and specialists in pediatrics, gynecology, surgery, orthopedics, cardiology and other disciplines, who will apply and transfer the knowledge acquired in BiH and the world working at the ASA Hospital.

Jusufović claims that their approach is unique in many respects and that their goal is to set not only new standards but also a way of thinking in medicine, health care, and in the entire BiH society, especially about social entrepreneurship, which ASA Hospital particularly expresses.

He said that they are also working on fulfilling all the conditions to meet the accreditation of JCI standards of the American Accreditation Commission International, which has accredited more than 20,000 healthcare institutions around the world.

In all this, Jusufović added, the assistance of their partner – the Medical University of Vienna International, whose delegation is visiting these days, is indispensable.

He explained that the Medical University of Vienna International has been at their disposal for a year and that they are together preparing all the documents they need for an excellent quality and safety system.

Managing Director for the Medical University of Vienna International (MUVI), Elisabeth Chalupa-Gartner, who visits the ASA Hospital construction site every three to four weeks, pointed out that the cooperation between MUVI and ASA Hospital is being implemented according to plan, and that the project team has already made all preparations for the arrival of the medical director and chief nursing officer with many years of international experience at the beginning of August this year.

“Their arrival would finalize the organizational structure and management system of the hospital, harmonize all work procedures and make final preparations for further development and training of all employees by the highest international standards of hospital operations,” she clarified.

The current state of the facility, she added, is also in line with the planned construction schedule, and she expressed her satisfaction with the partnership cooperation with the project team of professionals from ASA Hospital, which aims to establish a healthcare facility of the highest quality.

Chalupa-Gartner said that in parallel with this process, they are also working on the establishment of a quality system, systematization, and organization of all units of the future ASA Hospital.