Employer Brand as important part of Pre-Launch Marketing Activities

Research shows that nowadays people around the world, in addition to validating work with money (which can be assumed), expect also stability, innovation, inclusion, the possibility of learning and training, the valour of the employer as well as respect.

We are familiar with the fact that in the last few years the number of medical workers who leave Bosnia and Herzegovina has been on the rise: this is one of the reasons why in our hospital we intend to build an Employer brand policy, i.e. to focus on all our employees by providing them with a productive environment for work and training in all branches of medicine, which will ultimately result in a reduction of the outflow of quality personnel.

Since we leave nothing to chance, in the preparations for the opening of the ASA Hospital, in the past few months we have been focused on the detailed development of employment strategies that include all those elements that people expect to receive from their employer.

Our goal is to properly present the mission, vision and goals of the ASA Hospital project to medical experts and professionals in Bosnia and Herzegovina, within the region and abroad; we believe that they will recognize the competitive advantage, as well as other benefits that working in our hospital will provide them.

We have already taken the first steps towards presenting the ASA Hospital by participating in the BHAAAS (Bosnian-Herzegovina American Academy of Arts and Sciences) where we, together with numerous medical experts from BiH, exchanged experiences and concluded how a quality private health system plays an important role in every society. From excellent service, new technologies and technologically advanced instruments, to developing awareness of the importance of promoting healthy lifestyles, ASA Hospital will improve the level of medical services, both for BiH citizens and neighbours from the surrounding countries who will decide to trust our experts. We believe they will be coming from all over the world.

In order to reach them, we have created a website where, in addition to important information about our activities, you can also find all applications for open positions. We are also active on LinkedIn and hope that the number of our followers, interested in what we offer and do, will grow daily.

It seems that we have successfully started to spread the belief in our mission and corporate culture that we cultivate and improve on a daily basis among renowned medical professionals, as the number of people interested in working in ASA Hospital is growing every day. It’s up to us to choose the right ones.