Elvedin Talić – statement

Medical technologies
Elvedin Talić, BEE

Medical technology has the power to enhance health, prolong life, and support affordable healthcare. The industry provides benefits to patients, medical professionals, healthcare systems, and society at large through cutting-edge gadgets and diagnostics.

This technology makes it possible to diagnose health issues early and accurately, allowing for prompt intervention and better results. While telemedicine and connected gadgets enable remote patient monitoring, innovative solutions can replace, maintain, and repair failing bodily systems. Modern medical technologies help people live full and active lives by speeding up recovery and maintaining health.

The ability to make clinical decisions that improve patient outcomes is enabled by timely and reliable diagnostic information for healthcare practitioners. The medical technology industry relieves demand on healthcare providers by decreasing patient recovery times and surgical complication rates.

A practical example of this advanced medical technology, which we will be the first in Bosnia and Herzegovina to have in the ASA hospital, is the installation of a hybrid radiological intervention room in which diagnostic and therapeutic procedures can be performed simultaneously.

Significant benefits for patients are reflected in the improvement and shortening of the length of treatment, reduction of total costs, complications, and hospital infections.