Cooperation between the ASA Hospital and the Institute for Public Health of the Canton of Sarajevo

Saradnja ASA Bolnice i Zavoda za javno zdravstvo Kantona Sarajevo

Representatives of the Project Team of ASA Hospital held a meeting with the Director of Mr. Dr. Prim on 26.10.2022. Almom Bangur, special epidemiologist, and staff of the Institute of Public Health of Canton Sarajevo on the occasion of the establishment of cooperation between the Institute and ASA Hospital.

The meeting discussed modalities of cooperation in the field of sanitary and hygiene services of the Institute and education services for health care staff, as well as advice and exchange of experiences that with its decades-long work the Institute for Public Health of the Canton of Sarajevo makes available.

ASA Hospital, as the first private general hospital in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is committed to developing partnerships with all participants in the health system in the canton of Sarajevo and beyond, and pays special attention to cooperation with public institutions and institutions focused on the scientific and research aspect of health work that as well as ASA Hospital strives to expand and further enrich.

During the meeting, the concepts of joint education in the competencies and responsibilities of the Institute were discussed in the form of continuous education for the staff of ASA Hospital within the scientific and research centre that ASA Hospital plans to have.