ASA Institute: The destination for expertise, innovation and advancement of healthcare

Arhitektonsko rješenje Instituta ASA Bolnice

As part of ASA Hospital, first private general hospital in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ASA Institute will be opened this year – a unique institution for research, education, development and innovation, the first of its kind in the country.

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The goal of ASA Hospital is to improve the quality of life of citizens and ensure quality healthcare, which will be made possible through education, professional development and scientific research projects in the field of biomedicine.
Therefore, ASA Institute, the educational and development center developed within the hospital, was founded by the non-profit organization Hastor Foundation. The basic values of this institute are creativity, international cooperation, diversity, different work perspectives, inclusivity, fairness, empowerment of young entrepreneurs in healthcare, experience, professionalism, integrity, reliability, quality, trust and teamwork.
This institute will become a synonym for the development of young doctors, researchers, innovators, education of students and training, experience and knowledge transfer in the field of biomedicine and healthcare.
The building where the Institute will be located has cultural and historical value, because it was built during the Austro-Hungarian Empire and its original appearance has been preserved, with the necessary restoration and modernization of the interior.

Take a look at how the ASA Hospital institute, healthcare education and research center, will look like.

On 2,321 square meters there will be a conference hall with more than 110 seats, a coffee bar with a kitchenette, a meeting room and a spacious auditorium decorated to reflect the Austro-Hungarian legacy of the building. Interior design of the Institute is characterized by plenty of daylight and elements of Austro-Hungarian architecture in combination with modern design.

In the first year after the establishment of ASA Institute, Project and Educational Center will be opened, which will aim at developing centers for clinical studies and testing, genetics and genetic counseling, and ultimately the first Health Hub in BiH in cooperation with the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.
Health Hub will provide the opportunity to have innovative approach to numerous researches and innovations in healthcare through the participation of regional experts and improvement of healthcare ecosystem.

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Expert team of ASA Institute will be comprised of a group of interdisciplinary doctors, scientists, and engineers from different fields who will focus their work on finding solutions to increasingly complex challenges in today’s healthcare and providing the highest quality healthcare.
ASA Institute will bring together physicians, patients, researchers and the healthcare industry through an open and science-driven environment for transfer of knowledge, which will completely transform the future of biomedicine and healthcare to the advantage of patients and society.