ASA Hospital provides knowledge and services that patients seek abroad

ASA bolnica osigurava znanja i usluge

The Sixth Congress of Pediatricians in Bosnia and Herzegovina with international participants, where numerous current topics from this demanding branch of medicine were elaborated, continued today in Sarajevo.

One of the topics that generated special interest was the rheumatology panel opened by Dr Amra Adrović Yildiz, a pediatric rheumatologist who announced that she will be joining the team of doctors at ASA Hospital in the Department of Pediatrics.

It is the first private general hospital being built in Sarajevo municipality of Novi Grad (in Džemala Bijedića Street, Otoka), which should be opened by the end of the current year.

Dr. Adrović Yildiz, who is currently working in Istanbul, told Fena that the congress of pediatricians in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina represents an exceptional opportunity for experts of different profiles from the country, region and beyond to meet and exchange experiences, and discuss new achievements in various fields.

She pointed out that this is an opportunity to discuss specific treatment cases, ie. treatment and follow-up of certain patients, emphasizing its importance for strengthening the cooperation of specialists in certain areas, as well as for the development of medicine and the healthcare sector in general.

On the importance of health institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina such as the ASA Hospital, Adrović Yildiz said that it is a significant breakthrough, especially considering that patients from Bosnia and Herzegovina and region have been seeking treatments abroad lately.

In this context, she underlines the importance of making knowledge and services that people seek abroad available to the citizens of BiH and region by ASA Hospital in accordance with its own mission, which emphasizes quality of healthcare services in keeping with the highest standards, innovative approach and expertise, training, and scientific research, including building partnerships with renowned international healthcare institutions.

– In that way patients will be given the opportunity to receive treatments and quality healthcare protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina instead of going to Turkey or Western European – emphasized Adrović Yildiz.

At the same time, she points out that it is of great importance for the development of healthcare system in BiH to ensure knowledge transfer where people who are originally from BiH and who have achieved certain results abroad are brought on board to bring new knowledge and experience.

She assessed that this is a great opportunity for patients in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in general for medicine in BiH, underlining her readiness to personally get involved as a pediatric rheumatologist consultant on specific cases.

Commenting children’s rheumatology as a branch of pediatrics, Adrović Yildiz notes that she deals with chronic inflammatory diseases in children, which are very often autoimmune diseases.

In addition to autoimmune diseases, there are also autoinflammatory diseases that basically have an inflammatory process – said Adrović Yildiz, whose specialty is very rare and who, as a top expert, can provide significant contribution in effective diagnosis and treatment of the most sensitive population in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond.

At the Congress of Pediatricians in BiH, which is coming to an end, other topics were discussed such as emergency conditions in pediatrics, preventive programs in child protection, neonatology, consequences of COVID on children’s health, pediatric immunology, pulmonology, endocrinology, nephrology, gastroenterology, neuropediatric, hematology, oncology, cardiology, children’s surgery and infectious diseases in pediatrics.