ASA Hospital announces the return of numerous medical experts in BiH

ASA bolnica - povratak brojnih medicinskih stručnjaka u BiH-

ASA Hospital aims to bring together top experts from different fields in order to ensure the highest level of quality and safety in providing health services to their future patients.


Prof. Dr. Rasim Jusufović, Director of ASA Hospital project team, points out the growing number of experts returning to Bosnia and Herzegovina and joining ASA Hospital team. Their return will bring expertise, knowledge and experience, and ensure the transfer of best practices.

“We are very happy and honored that ASA Hospital is a desirable workplace that our medical professionals working abroad are considering returning to Bosnia. We see great interest in our services and numerous phone calls from abroad and we believe that this is a clear sign of future return of other citizens, who in the context of their return to homeland often point out that ensured quality, safe and accessible health service is one of the most important factors for return”, added Jusufović.

We at ASA Hospital pay special attention to the development of three key centers of excellence: “Center for Mother and Child”, “Quality and Safety”, and “Minimally invasive and interventional radiological procedures in multidisciplinary teams”.

The staff of many departments, in addition to already established domestic experts, will be complemented by our experts from abroad. We will mention here the ‘Center for Mother and Child’ which will soon be joined by experts who will continue their rich career at ASA Hospital: Ass. prof. Azur Tulumović, MD, PhD gynecologist, Dario Djukic, MD, MSc pediatrician with subspecialty pediatric cardiology returning from Saudi Arabia, Mufid Burgic, MD plastic surgeon with many years of experience in Bahrain.

As an occasional consultants of the “Center for Mother and Child” we single out Nežla Šehović Durić, MD, MSc child and adolescent psychiatrist, with many years of expert experience in Norway, Amra Adrović Yildiz, MD specialist in pediatric rheumatology, working in Turkey and Adis Kuršumović, MD who is a specialist in general medicine, neurosurgery, intensive care, radiology, but also neuroradiology and is currently working in Germany as the head of the Interventional Neurovascular Center at the Schwarzwald-Baar Villingen-Schwenningen Clinic.

ASA - povratak brojnih medicinskih stručnjaka u BiH

There are many specialties that are deficient in BiH, and the return of our experts from abroad will bring invaluable benefits for our future patients who have often sought such health services abroad.

The clinical management of the hospital is taken over by the International Medical University of Vienna, headed by a renowned expert, Ass. Prof. Roland Fasol, MD, PhD who will serve as medical director at ASA Hospital.

Ass. Prof. Roland Fasol, MD, PhD is a specialized academic general and cardiovascular surgeon with extensive experience in the development, management, and organization of specialized high-tech hospitals around the world, focusing on building medical teams, establishing functional clinical services, digitalization, and implementation of the highest standards of clinical management. Among many international projects, we will mention his previous project in China, where he successfully launched a hospital with a capacity of over a thousand beds in collaboration with the University of Los Angeles, which testifies to his professional integrity and experience in establishing and managing hospital systems.

“We at ASA Hospital and ASA Institute for Research, Development and Innovation are eagerly awaiting the development of team environment and interdisciplinary collaboration by creating a motivating atmosphere. Also, we are looking forward to the development of joint scientific research projects that will encourage continuous and professional development and exchange of ideas among our medical and other experts”, added Jusufović.

Our aspirations are deeply grounded in the mission, vision and “genetic code” of the Hastor Foundation which represents an inexhaustible source of young and talented people to whom we want to provide the best conditions for professional development and specialization. One of our next goals is for ASA Hospital to meet the requirements and acquire the status of a university hospital as soon as possible.

Joining forces to achieve top results and apply innovative approaches, we strive to achieve the highest standards of quality and safety in our work. With great confidence in the expertise and dedication of our team, we are convinced that under the leadership of doctor Fasol we will achieve great success in providing top-notch healthcare services at ASA Hospital.