“13th Days of BHAAAS” – 24/06/2022 “The role of the private health sector in the BiH health system”

Within the 13th Days of BHAAAS organized by the Bosnia and Herzegovinian-American Academy of Arts and Sciences (BHAAAS), on Friday 24 June 2022 at 15:30 at the Holiday Hotel in Sarajevo, a roundtable discussion on the topic “The role of the private health sector in the BiH health system” will be held. As a speaker on this important topic, the director of the ASA Hospital project, doc. dr. Rasim Jusufović will also be present.

It will be an opportunity to present to the public, for the first time, the project of ASA Hospital, the first private general hospital in our country, which, in addition to a modern and efficient health service that will be provided to citizens, aims at creating a productive environment for education and training of young people in the field of healthcare.

In addition to the best conditions for training within the institution, the ASA Hospital will provide future medical experts with an opportunity for quality professional development through active cooperation with BiH and international universities and academic communities such as BHAAAS.

The roundtable discussion will address the topics of current trends in the health system of Bosnia and Herzegovina, analyse the health offer and compare it with the evolution of health systems in the surrounding area. The discussion will also be focused on the necessary transition of the health system in order to reduce the gap between the supply and demand for health services, with the aim of providing effective healthcare.

The guests of the roundtable discussion are:

  • Prof. dr. Haris Vranić (Minister of Health of Sarajevo Canton)
  • Prof. dr.sci.med. Mirsad Kacila (Private health institution “Centar za srce” in Sarajevo)
  • Dr.sci.cand. Faruk Hadžić (Macroeconomic analyst, Department of Economics and Business, SSST University of Sarajevo)
  • Doc. dr. Rasim Jusufović (Chair of Health Economics of the SSST Medical Faculty in Sarajevo, Director of the ASA Hospital project in Sarajevo)
  • Mr.sci.oec. Muamer Kosovac (Director of the Health Insurance Institute of Sarajevo Canton)

Patient representatives

The moderator of the roundtable discussion is doc. dr. Tarik Čatić, lecturer at the Department of Health Economics and one of the founders of postgraduate studies in Health Economics at the SSST Medical Faculty in Sarajevo.

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